Students should specify name details and delivery method before the diploma is processed. Diplomas are available about three months after degree award.

  • Diploma Release

    Through MyUCLA, students can select in-person pickup, release to an agent, or mail delivery of a diploma

  • Diploma Availability

    Undergraduate and graduate student diplomas are available about three months after degree award

  • Names, Changes, Special Marks, and Errors

    Learn how a legal name change and special typographic marks can appear on a diploma, and how to correct a diploma error

  • Diploma Format

    A diploma specifies degree, major, minor, specialization, and honors. It also carries the signatures of state, UC, and campus officials

  • Replacement Diploma

    Replace an original diploma that has been lost or destroyed, or change the legal name on a diploma

  • Diploma Forms

    Quick links to forms for diploma-related transactions