Registration is a two-step process: payment of fees and enrollment in classes. Students can enroll in classes, but without fee payment by the published deadline, classes are dropped.

  • Paying Registration Fees

    Options for paying fees, payment deadlines, and BruinBill account information

  • Conditions of Registration

    Details about medical health insurance requirement, waiving UCSHIP, and immunization requirements

  • Holds

    Under some circumstances, students may have a hold placed on their records that could affect registration, enrollment, and other University services

  • Declare Nonattendance

    Continuing students who are planning on not attending UCLA must declare nonattendance through MyUCLA

  • Cancel Registration

    Information on how to cancel registration and UCSHIP coverage

  • Withdrawal

    Students who have paid their fees may be eligible to withdraw from a term after it has begun if they have not completed any of their enrolled classes

  • Refunds and Reductions

    Depending on certain conditions, some students may be eligible for refunds, fee reductions, or fee exemptions

  • Reduced Fee Programs

    Reduced fee programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and university employees

  • Student Financial Support Directory

    Financial support information and resources from across campus