Use this form for late registration, late study list and changes, and retroactive changes.

Undergraduate and graduate students can use this form for late registration (fees not paid, not enrolled); late study list (fees paid, not enrolled); late study list changes; and retroactive changes. Follow the instructions that accompany this form to complete the student information, enrollment term, and enrollment actions sections. Indicate study list changes and obtain the required signatures.

Download Enrollment Petition
Do not use an Enrollment Petition when MyUCLA is available for the transaction.


Submit the petition in person at the following offices:

School of the Arts and Architecture 2200 Broad Art Center
School of Law 1224 Law Building
Herb Alpert School of Music  1642 Schoenberg Music Building
School of Theater, Film, and Television 103 East Melnitz Building
Graduate students (retroactive actions only) 1255 Murphy Hall
All other students: Registrar’s Office 1113 Murphy Hall

Note: The College and schools may require a separate or additional petition process.