Deadlines for approvals, data entry, class notes, and midterms are steps in the production schedule. Class placement, offering publication, and enrollment dates are also included.

Annual Class Data Roll

Each February, class data from the previous academic year (fall, winter, and spring terms) are rolled over to form the basis of the upcoming year’s class schedule. After the roll becomes active, departments are given access to begin the process of updating and scheduling classes for the coming academic year.

Working with faculty, department schedulers add new classes, delete classes that will not be offered, enter expected class size, and request class times. All three terms for the academic year are available for update.

After data have been entered, an algorithm is run each term to place as many classes as possible at the times requested. A period of adjustment follows to find rooms for classes that could not be placed.

When the Schedule of Classes is published for fall quarter, tentative class data for winter and spring quarters are also published.

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Production Deadlines
Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Fall 2018
Individual Studies edits due to Schedule Office End of July for upcoming year (live by end of August)
Ad Astra places classes Early September 2017 Early December 2017 Late March 2018
Department requests for evening midterms due to department coordinator September 27 December 15 May 2
Deadline to receive approved CIMS forms October 6 January 2, 2018 May 4
Final proof of class listings by departments (Logon ID required) October 12–13 January 4–5 May 17–18
Deadline to receive variable topics CIMS forms October 13 January 5 May 18
Deadline for departments to e-mail course notes (placement exams and mandatory midterm dates) October 16 January 8 May 21
Deadline to return updated term-related website text October 20 January 12 May 23
Department access cutoff October 20 January 12 May 25
Resolve class conflicts October 20 January 12 May 25
Unplaced classes changed to TBA October 23 January 16 May 29
Final exam codes available October 23 January 16 May 29
Deadline to receive course materials fees approval from Chancellor’s Office October 23 January 16 May 29
Schedule of Classes goes live Monday, October 30 Monday, January 22 Monday, June 4
Enrollment appointment times available on MyUCLA October 23 January 22 May 29
Enrollment begins through MyUCLA November 6
February 5
June 18