Answers to frequently asked questions about how COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) may affect UCLA Registrar’s office topics.

Updated September 14, 2020

Student Services

  • Can I access student services on campus?

    As of Friday, March 20, and in compliance with official stay-at-home orders, only essential services remain open on the UCLA campus. However, most student services are available online; or by contacting offices and departments by e-mail, or through the MyUCLA Message Center (log-in required). Students should consult individual office and department websites for information about available services and business hours.

    Registrar’s Office student services are available through e-mail, Message Center, and Zoom virtual sessions. See the Contacts/Hours page for details.

  • Can I order an official paper transcript?

    Yes, official paper transcripts are available. Registrar staff has limited access to printing systems, so processing time is now two weeks (plus delivery time).

  • When will I get my diploma?

    Depending on the degree-award term, some 2019-2020 diplomas may take longer to arrive. See Diploma Release for updates. Replacement diplomas sent through USPS first-class mail are not delayed. Other replacement delivery methods may take from three to five weeks; see Replacement Diploma for updates.

Fall Quarter 2020 Classes and Instruction

  • What is the first day of fall quarter instruction?

    Fall quarter 2020 instruction begins Thursday, October 1, 2020. See the term calendar for this and other important fall quarter dates.

  • How will classes be offered for fall 2020?

    Courses will be offered in three ways: remote, on-site, and hybrid.

  • What does remote mean?

    A remote offering meets online using applications like Zoom and other instructor identified tools. Remote offerings will have ONLINE for the meeting location.

  • Definitions of ONLINE in the Schedule of Classes

    • Online: Classes will be held at scheduled times with faculty delivering course content using remote communication tools and students in attendance using those tools.
    • Online - recorded: Classes will be held at scheduled times with faculty delivering course content using remote communication tools and with students in attendance using those tools. Faculty will record and make available those scheduled activities for subsequent use by students. However, students should be aware that faculty may still request their participation during scheduled meeting times.
    • Online - asynchronous: With the exception of office hours or review sections, there are no pre-scheduled sessions for this class. Lectures and all class content will be available online.
  • What does on-site mean?

    An on-site offering will be delivered in-person with students and instructors physically present in a learning environment. The meeting location will be displayed with a building and room. A list of onsite classes can be found here.

  • What does hybrid mean?

    A hybrid offering is a combination of on-site and remote sessions. Some parts of the class are delivered in-person while other class parts are delivered online. The meeting location will be displayed with ONLINE and a building/room.

  • How many classes will be offered on-site or hybrid?

    Due to directives issued by the county public health department, on-site or hybrid class offering have been significantly curtailed. We will be moving to remote-only instruction for the fall, with the exception of a limited number of in-person or hybrid courses necessary to train students for essential workforce positions. A list of all courses to be offered in fall 2020 is available through the Schedule of Classes and MyUCLA, identifying which courses will be conducted completely remotely, which will be offered on site, and which will be hybrid. If public health recommendations change, plans for in-person courses may change.

  • What safety protocols will be in place for on-site classes?

    Recommended infection control procedures will be in place on campus, including physical distancing; de-densifying classrooms and other spaces, frequent cleaning of classrooms and facilities; and requiring face coverings while on campus, consistent with guidance from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

  • I don’t know what my situation is going to be like in the fall. Should I register for classes now or wait?

    It is best to register for your classes now. Register for classes you are most likely to attend under your current situation.

  • What is the enrollment capacity limit for on-site and hybrid classes?

    Enrollment capacity of on-site or hybrid meetings are based on county public health department protocols and may be subject to change. No exceptions will be made.

  • Will class sizes be larger for remote classes?

    Academic departments make enrollment decisions based on the availability of resources to support remote instruction.

  • If classes are all full, will more classes be added?

    Academic departments determine the number of offered classes and schedule adjustments occur all the way through the first day of instruction.

  • What should I do if I want to change my fall study list?

    Manage (add/drop) fall classes as you normally would through MyUCLA, and follow established processes and deadlines.

  • I am on a wait list for a class. Will I be able to access learning materials in CCLE and attend Zoom sessions for this class?

    Yes, wait-listed classes on your study list have access to CCLE materials. You will be included in communications sent by instructors through the CCLE Announcements forum or the MyUCLA Email to Class feature. Wait lists are maintained through Friday of the second week of classes.

  • How does moving to an online-only format affect me as an international student or scholar?

    See the Dashew Center website for business hours and additional information to ensure you can maintain your status. The center also has its own COVID-19 information web page.

  • What if I have problems with my laptop/device not being compatible for class?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

  • What if I am having difficulty contacting my professor about issues related to online learning?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

Winter 2021 Classes and Instruction

  • When will the winter Schedule of Classes be posted?

    The winter quarter 2021 Schedule of Classes will be posted on October 26.

  • When does winter quarter enrollment begin?

    Enrollment appointments for continuing undergraduate and all graduate students begin November 9. Enrollment appointment times will be posted to MyUCLA on October 26.

Registration and Fees

  • Is it possible to drop this quarter/semester and next quarter without a financial penalty?

    The University is not changing policies and procedures regarding declaring nonattendance or withdrawal. Review these options

    • If you have not paid fees for fall quarter 2020, you may declare nonattendance on MyUCLA (Academics tab). This will reverse fall quarter fees on your BruinBill.
    • If you have paid fees for fall quarter 2020 and it is before the first day of instruction (October 1), you may cancel registration. This action will also cancel your UCSHIP for fall quarter.
    • If you have paid fees for fall quarter 2020 and it is the first day of instruction (October 1) or later, you may withdraw.
    • If you are a graduate student and do not intend to proceed with fall quarter at UCLA, in lieu of withdrawal, you may file for a leave of absence.
    • Students who receive financial aid for the term may be billed for all or a portion of the aid received. Financial Aid and Scholarships notifies students of the amount of aid that must be returned.

    For detailed UCLA refund policy information, see the Registrar’s refunds web page.

  • When is the fall quarter fee payment deadline?

    The deadline for online fee payment is September 25, 2020 at 5 p.m. pacific daylight time. A $50 late registration fee will be assessed for payments not received by September 30, 2020. Payment must be received by October 2, 2020 at 5 pm pacific daylight time to avoid having classes dropped for nonpayment.

  • Will there be a reduction in campus tuition and fees?

    There will be no changes in campus tuition and fees.

  • What about course materials fees?

    See the course materials fees list to view per-class charges. These fees will be assessed based on class enrollment as of Friday of the fourth week of the quarter.

  • Are there late study list fees in fall quarter?

    Late fees for add, drop, grading basis change, registration, study list, and variable unit change are listed here.

  • As an undergraduate student, what are my Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) options for fall quarter?

    Undergraduate students in good standing can take one class on a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis.

    • The deadline to change class grading basis is Friday of week 9 (December 4) on MyUCLA without a petition.
    • This deadline to change class grading basis does not override any requirements the College, schools, departments, or programs may have that require courses be taken for a letter grade to receive major/program credit. Letters and Science students should review the College Grading & Repeats web page. All students should check with their adviser or counselor before considering a change to the grading basis of courses in your program or major.
    • Certain types of financial aid require that a student be enrolled in a minimum number of units for letter grades. Consult with Financial Aid and Scholarships about your particular situation.

  • As a graduate student, can I enroll in more than one Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) class in fall quarter?

    Check with your program. Graduate Council has temporarily delegated authority to departments, Interdepartmental Degree Programs (IDPs), and schools to allow graduate students in good academic standing to enroll in more than one course graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis for fall quarter 2020. This includes courses within the degree program, with the stipulation that departments, IDPs, and schools must accept these courses towards fulfilling degree requirements if taken for an S/U grade.

  • I have specific questions about my re-enrollment and/or registration as it relates to this situation. Who can I contact?

    Submit a question using the MyUCLA Message Center Enrollment (General) topic.

  • When is the fall quarter student health insurance (UCSHIP) waiver deadline?

    The deadline to waive UCSHIP for fall quarter 2020 is September 20, 2020. Students can submit a waiver through the insurance section of the Ashe Center website.

Financial Aid

  • My enrolled units, housing, or financial situation may change for fall quarter. Will this affect my financial aid?

    Students receiving financial aid can find answers related to such changes on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

Residence for Tuition Purposes

  • I am a new nonresident student starting UCLA in fall 2020. How can I establish California residence if all my enrolled classes are held online?

    UC has issued temporary guidance on establishing residence as follows:

    Physical Presence   Enrollment in fall 2020 classes that are delivered by remote instruction serves as a replacement for physical presence if both of the following conditions are met:

    • remote instruction continues to be offered by the campus (UCLA)
    • the student may qualify for residence on their own without regard to a parent, per Regents Policy 3105 I.C.2; or qualify temporarily through a noncustodial California parent, per Regents Policy 3105 I.D.4.

    Legal Indicia   Per existing requirements, the student must still acquire applicable legal indicia to prove intent to stay in California. The deadline to provide such indicia is the end of spring quarter 2021.

See the temporary amendments to UC residence policy. Additional information about intent and legal indicia is available on the Statement of Legal Residence.

  • As a nonresident student, I planned to file a Petition for Residence Classification to change my residence status. How does remote instruction affect me?

    UC has issued temporary guidance on establishing residence as follows:

    • Physical Presence   A student’s out-of-state absence for any length of time between March 9, 2020 and the fall term 2020 residence determination date does not count toward the six-week limit, if the absence is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Financial Independence   A student may accept or use financial resources from another individual between March 9, 2020 and the fall term 2020 residence determination date without loss of eligibility for in-state status, if the transfer of resources is made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

      For fall quarter 2020, the residence determination date is October 1, 2020; for fall semester 2020, the residence determination date is August 26, 2020.

See the temporary amendments to UC residence policy; see residence requirements for UCLA and UC residence information.

UCLA Store Academic Materials

  • How will I get my fall quarter course materials?

    For students who choose the UCLA Store, course materials continue to be available online and in store. Students may log in to their MyUCLA account or the UCLA Store textbook site to view and shop for course materials.

  • What delivery options are available?

    To help ease the transition to online courses, the store offers free standard shipping on textbook orders of $50 or more. The discount is applied automatically to eligible orders. The store continues to offer free delivery to the campus Housing Mail Center and free in-store pickup. Check our website or the ASUCLA for store hours.

  • Can I get a digital version of my textbook?

    Yes. We have a large number of eBooks available on our website and all UCLA Store course readers are available in a digital format. Additionally, you can search all available eBooks from either of our eBook partners via our Textbook home page.

  • I’m not on campus. How can I return books if needed?

    While UCLA conducts remote learning, you can return purchases at your own expense via UPS or FedEx (no USPS). If you choose to ship a return, ship only via UPS or FedEx and we highly recommend insuring your shipment. Return shipments must be delivered by the standard return deadline. Please include a copy of your purchase receipt or packing list.

    Ship returns to:

    UCLA Store
    ATTN: Textbook Returns
    308 Westwood Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-8355

  • How can I rent books from the UCLA Store for fall quarter?

    You can now rent books online from the UCLA Store!  Simply select the Used or New books you wish to rent from the UCLA Store.  On the Secure Checkout page, in the Gift Message box, enter your Bruin ID# and your official campus email address on file with the UCLA Registrar.  The Store will use that information in the processing of your rental order and take care of the rest.  All Fall rentals must be received back in-store by December 21st, 2020.  All other rental and refund policies apply.  View Rental Agreement.

  • I have a rental book that I have not returned. What should I do?

    Fall 2020 rental books must be returned in person or shipped by UPS or FedEx no later than December 21st, 2020. If returning by UPS or FedEx at your expense, we highly recommend insuring your shipment. Please include your Name, Bruin card number and email address with the rental return and ship to:

    UCLA Store
    308 Westwood Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-8355

    Titles may also be returned in-person to Hill Top Shop. See Store Hours.

  • I have books to sell. How do I sell back my books?

    The Store has a NEW Buyback program for you! We are excited to announce an Online Buyback program with FREE shipping! Visit our Buyback Information page for details. Online textbook buyback quotes are valid for 30 days and included FREE shipping via a prepaid shipping label.

  • I have an Inclusive Access course. What is this and how do I find out more?

    Inclusive Access is a growing program where you are provided digital access to the course materials by the first day of class. You are automatically included as part of your course enrollment and you have complementary access to the materials during the Opt-Out period (through Friday of Week 2). For those remaining in the program, you are then charged for the materials, at a significant discount, during 3rd week of the Fall term directly to your Bruin Bill account. See our Inclusive Access webpage for complete details or email us at

  • Who do I contact with questions about UCLA Store academic materials?

    Contact the Store textbooks department by e-mail. For up-to-date information during the online instruction period, see the textbooks FAQ.