Answers to frequently asked questions about how COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) may affect UCLA Registrar’s office topics.

Updated April 1, 2020

As of Wednesday, March 11, UCLA classes are no longer meeting in person. For the remainder of the winter quarter and through spring quarter, instructors have been asked to conduct classes and/or exams remotely. In some cases, when the nature of the class is not suited for remote delivery, other options — including submitting winter quarter grades based on work conducted as of March 11 — may be used. Instructors will provide more details to students. The goal is to make sure that student academic work is fairly recognized; and that any disruption does not present any disadvantage to students’ future academic or professional progress, including admission to their preferred major in the months or years to come.

Academic Calendar Key Dates

Winter Quarter 2020

First day of remote instruction Wednesday, March 11
Common final exams Saturday-Sunday, March 14-15
Final examinations Monday-Friday, March 16-20
Grade submission deadline Monday, March 9-Monday, March 30 at 11:59 p.m.

Spring Quarter 2020

Financial aid disburses Friday, March 20
Remote instruction begins Monday, March 30
Registration fees due Friday, April 10, 2020
Common final exams Saturday-Sunday, June 6-7
Final examinations Monday-Friday, June 8-12
Grade submission deadline Monday, June 1-Monday, June 22 at 11:59 p.m.

Student Services

  • Can I access student services on campus?

    As of Friday, March 20, and in compliance with official stay-at-home orders, only essential services remain open on the UCLA campus. However, most student services are available online; or by contacting offices and departments by e-mail, or through the MyUCLA Message Center (log-in required). Students should consult individual office and department websites for information about available services and business hours.


  • How will these changes affect my winter quarter graduation?

    UCLA does not anticipate a negative impact on your graduation due to the recent changes to winter 2020 class delivery. Talk to your department or school counselor or adviser with any specific questions.

  • How will these changes impact my academic progress, Dean’s List, and honors?

    There will be no changes that will impact your academic progress or honors.

Registration and Fees

  • Is it possible to drop this quarter/semester and next quarter without a financial penalty?

    The University is not changing policies and procedures regarding declaring nonattendance or withdrawal. Review these options

    • If you have not paid fees for spring quarter 2020, you may declare nonattendance on MyUCLA (Academics tab). This will reverse spring quarter fees on your BruinBill.
    • If you have paid fees for spring quarter 2020 and it is before the first day of instruction (March 30), you may cancel registration. This action will also cancel your UCSHIP for spring quarter.
    • If you have paid fees for spring quarter 2020 and it is the first day of instruction (March 30) or later, you may withdraw.
    • If you are a graduate student and do not intend to proceed with spring quarter at UCLA, in lieu of withdrawal, you may file for a leave of absence.
    • Students who receive financial aid for the term may be billed for all or a portion of the aid received. Financial Aid and Scholarships notifies students of the amount of aid that must be returned.


    For detailed UCLA refund policy information, see the Registrar refunds web page.

  • When is the spring quarter fee payment deadline?

    The deadline for online fee payment is April 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. pacific daylight time.

  • Will there be a reduction in campus tuition and fees?

    There will be no changes in campus tuition and fees.

  • What about course materials fees?

    Due to remote instruction, all spring 2020 undergraduate and graduate course materials fees tied to specific courses are suspended. See the course materials fees list; these will not be charged in spring 2020.


    The School of Dentistry gown and instrument fee is also suspended for spring quarter 2020.

  • Are there late study list fees in spring quarter?

    Late fees for add, drop, grading basis change, registration, study list, and variable unit change are suspended for spring quarter 2020.

  • As an undergraduate student, can I enroll in more than one Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) class in spring quarter?

    Yes. Undergraduate Council has approved the suspension of UCLA Senate Regulation A-310 (A) and (E) for spring quarter 2020. This allows undergraduate students in good standing to take more than one class on a Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) basis.

    • The deadline to change class grading basis is Friday of week 10 (June 5).
    • Grading basis can be changed on MyUCLA without a petition. This MyUCLA feature will be available by mid-quarter, so you don’t have to make changes right away.
    • This suspension does not override any requirements the College, schools, departments, or programs may have that require courses be taken for a letter grade to receive major/program credit. Check with your adviser or counselor before considering a change to the grading basis of courses in your program or major.
    • Certain types of financial aid require that a student be enrolled in a minimum number of units for letter grades. Consult with Financial Aid and Scholarships about your particular situation.

  • As a graduate student, can I enroll in more than one Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) class in spring quarter?

    Check with your program. Graduate Council has temporarily delegated authority to departments, Interdepartmental Degree Programs (IDPs), and schools to allow graduate students in good academic standing to enroll in more than one course graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis for spring quarter 2020. This includes courses within the degree program, with the stipulation that departments, IDPs, and schools must accept these courses towards fulfilling degree requirements if taken for an S/U grade.

  • I have specific questions about my re-enrollment and/or registration as it relates to this situation. Who can I contact?

    Submit a question using the MyUCLA Message Center Enrollment (General) topic.

  • When is the spring quarter student health insurance (UCSHIP) waiver deadline?

    The deadline to waive UCSHIP for spring quarter 2020 has been extended to March 30, 2020. Students can submit a waiver through the insurance section of the Ashe Center website.

Financial Aid

  • My enrolled units, housing, or financial situation may change for spring quarter. Will this affect my financial aid?

    Students receiving financial aid can find answers related to such changes on the Financial Aid and Scholarships website.

Spring Quarter 2020 Classes and Instruction

  • What should I do if I want to change my spring study list?

    Manage (add/drop) spring classes as you normally would through MyUCLA, and follow established processes and deadlines. To ensure you retain spring quarter classes, remember to pay your fees on time through BruinBill.

  • What do I do when my spring classes begin?

    Classes will be offered remotely through the spring quarter. Students are encouraged to return home, but the campus is expected to remain open for those who are living on campus or have other reasons to remain. Instructors will provide information to registered students about how to remotely connect to their classes.

  • Does my class only meet online on the days/times listed on my study list?

    Yes. Classes are scheduled to meet only during the stated days of the week and time periods.

  • I am on a wait list for a class. Will I be able to access learning materials in CCLE and attend Zoom sessions for this class?

    Yes, wait-listed classes on your study list have access to CCLE materials. You will be included in communications sent by instructors through the CCLE Announcements forum or the MyUCLA Email to Class feature. Wait lists are maintained through Friday of the second week of classes.

  • How does moving to an online-only format affect me as an international student or scholar?

    While F and J visa regulations limit online course enrollment for purposes of visa compliance, the U.S. departments of Homeland Security and State have approved exceptions that accommodate online courses for students attending institutions that have made COVID-19 adaptations. The Dashew Center will continue maintenance of valid immigration status for students who maintain full-time enrollment (undergraduate students, 12 units minimum; graduate students, 8 units minimum) despite the transition to online instruction. See the Dashew Center website for business hours and additional information to ensure you can maintain your status. The center also has its own COVID-19 information web page.

  • What if I have problems with my laptop/device not being compatible for class?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

  • What if I am having difficulty contacting my professor about issues related to online learning?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

Residence Petition for Fall 2020

  • I am a nonresident student for tuition purposes who planned to petition for reclassification of my residence status. How does the move to online instruction for spring 2020 affect me?

    UC has issued temporary guidance on establishing residence as follows:

    • Physical Presence: A student’s out-of-state absence for any length of time between March 9, 2020 and the fall term 2020 residence determination date will not count toward the six-week limit, if the absence is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Financial Independence: A student may accept or use financial resources from another individual between March 9, 2020 and the fall term 2020 residence determination date without loss of eligibility for in-state status, if the transfer of resources is made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For fall quarter 2020, the residence determination date is October 1, 2020; for fall semester 2020, the residence determination date is August 26, 2020. See the Registrar’s website residence requirements section for UCLA and UC residence information.

UCLA Store Academic Materials

  • How will I get my spring quarter course materials?

    For students who choose the UCLA Store, course materials continue to be available online and in store. Students may log in to their MyUCLA account or the UCLA Store textbook site to view and shop for course materials.

  • What delivery options are available?

    To help ease the transition to online courses, the store offers free standard shipping on textbook orders of $50 or more through April 5, 2020. The discount is applied automatically to eligible orders. The store continues to offer free delivery to the campus Housing Mail Center and free in-store pickup. UCLA Stores remain open to shop in person; check the store hours web page or ASUCLA app for details.

  • Can I get a digital version of my textbook?

    Yes. UCLA Store has a large number of e-books available in store and online. Course readers are also available in a digital format.

  • I’m not on campus. How can I return books if needed?

    For spring quarter 2020, purchases can be returned in person or by shipping via UPS or FedEx only (no USPS). Details are available on the Spring Quarter 2020 Textbooks FAQs web page.

  • How can I rent books from the UCLA Store for spring quarter?

    Rental books are still available. For those ordering online, purchase the books first. Then any time before May 1, 2020, bring your receipt or packing list to the store. Any eligible spring textbook purchase will be converted to a rental, and the cost difference will be refunded to you.

  • I have a rental book from winter quarter that I have not returned. What should I do?

    The winter quarter rental return deadline has been extended until March 25, 2020. Details are available on the Spring Quarter 2020 Textbooks FAQs web page.

  • Who do I contact with questions about UCLA Store academic materials?

    Contact the Store textbooks department by e-mail. For up-to-date information during the online instruction period, see the textbooks FAQ.

Winter Quarter 2020 Final Examinations

  • What is happening with my final examinations?

    Instructors have been asked to conduct exams remotely until the quarter concludes on March 20. Instructors have been asked to communicate with students how final exams, if applicable, will be offered without the need to assemble in person (for example take-home, online, or other alternative formats). If you have not heard from your instructors, consult with each of them regarding scheduled exams and final projects.

  • Am I still responsible for class assignments, exams, or materials due as stated on the class syllabus?

    Students remain responsible for fulfilling course requirements as determined by the instructor. Instructors will provide guidance if changes are made to content, course assignments, and exams. Per Academic Senate guidance for winter 2020, instructors may modify the type of assignments, content, and grading schema from what was stated in the syllabus.

  • What if I have concerns about how my instructor has changed the final exam and/or grading schema for my class?

    Call or send e-mail to your instructor’s academic department.

  • What if I have not heard from my instructor about whether my class is moving online (remote delivery) for lectures, assignments, projects, or exams?

    Call or send e-mail to your instructor using the contact information on the class syllabus. If you are unable to reach your instructor, call or send e-mail to your instructor’s academic department.

  • What if I have problems with my laptop/device not being compatible for class?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

  • What if I am having difficulty contacting my professor about issues related to online learning?

    Submit a message using the MyUCLA Student Support COVID 19 Message Center topic.

  • What if I have an accommodation through the Center for Accessible Education (CAE)?

    Students registered with CAE should visit the CAE Student Advisory web page for information.