Student Records

Student records—including registration, grades, transcripts, diplomas, and verifications—are processed and maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

  • Personal Information

    Use MyUCLA to update personal information such as address or legal name, and to request a preferred first name

  • Academic Transcript

    The academic transcript is a comprehensive, chronological, certified record of student academic progress. Learn about transcript availability, orders, delivery, costs, and related student record requests

  • Verification Transcript

    The verification transcript certifies registration, enrollment, and degrees. Learn about availability, orders, delivery, costs, and third-party verification

  • Transfer Credit Processing

    Learn about transferability of coursework taken at other institutions, for incoming and continuing students

  • Grades and Academic Revisions

    Term grades are accessed through MyUCLA. Learn about grade policies, revisions, and incomplete grades

  • Student Rights and Privacy

    FERPA grants students rights to inspect records and restrict the disclosure of information

  • Closure of Student Record

    The student record is closed to revisions in enrollment, grading, and academic actions upon degree award

  • Diplomas

    Diploma details can be specified before the end of the degree-expected term. Diplomas become available about three months after degree award

  • Notary Services

    A document issued by the Registrar’s Office, such as a transcript or diploma, can be notarized

  • Veteran Services

    Services include benefit information, waivers, certification, and more

  • Professional School and Extension Transcripts

    Transcripts of academic work taken at the schools of dentistry, law, and medicine, and UCLA Extension are ordered directly from those schools