These forms facilitate many registration and enrollment transactions including cancellation of registration, enrollment petitions, and readmission.

  • Cancellation of Registration

    Cancel registration prior to the first day of instruction with this form

  • Enrollment Petition

    Use this form for late registration, late study list, late study list changes that cannot be done through MyUCLA, and retroactive changes

  • Fee Reduction Request

    Certain approved undergraduates enrolled in 10 or fewer units may be eligible for reduced tuition

  • Undergraduate Program Change Petition

    Use this form to petition for a change of major, minor, or College or school

  • Legal Name Change or Correction

    Use this form to submit a legal name change or special punctuation or format of legal name on the diploma

  • Special Verification Letter Request

    Request verification that must appear on official Registrar’s letterhead, or verification of data not included on an official transcript

  • Intercampus Visitor Program Application

    Apply for one-term enrollment at another UC campus

  • Simultaneous UC Enrollment Application

    Eligible undergraduates can use this form to apply for enrollment in a course at another UC campus

  • Undergraduate Readmission Application

    Students who have been absent for more than one term use this form to apply for readmission to UCLA

  • Withdrawal Notice

    Students may be eligible to withdraw from a term if they have not completed any enrolled classes