Use these forms to facilitate graduation and diploma services, or to request an early certificate of completion.

  • Declaration of Candidacy and Request to Graduate In Absentia

    Undergraduate students use this form to identify a degree-completion term, and to request in absentia graduation if that occurs while nonregistered

  • Diploma Mail Request

    Use this form to facilitate mail or expedited delivery of a diploma

  • Diploma Agent Authorization

    Use this form to authorize an agent to pick up a diploma in person

  • Early Certification of Completion Request

    Use this form to request a certificate of degree completion before formal proof of the degree conferred is recorded on the official transcript

  • Special Degree Services Request

    Use this form to request degree-related services for which specific forms are not available

  • Replacement Diploma Request

    Use this form to replace a lost or destroyed diploma or obtain a replacement after a legal name change