Most UCLA fees, shown in this section as annual totals, are paid by term. Self-supporting programs may have different payment schedules.

Self-supporting graduate professional-degree programs primarily serve professionals seeking to advance their careers. These programs allow UCLA to serve additional students above and beyond those supported by state funds, and fulfill demonstrated higher education and workforce needs.

Self-supporting graduate professional degree programs include, but are not limited to, those that serve nontraditional populations such as full-time employees, mid-career professionals, international students with specialized goals, and students whose professional education is supported by their employers.

Because these programs are not supported with state funds, students are not eligible for Cal Vet tuition/fee exemptions.

For costs associated with the program, admission requirements, program of study, refund policy, and course calendar, see the program website.

Degree Program 2016-17 Fees
   California resident students $56,403
   Nonresident students $59,290
   New students entering fall 2016 $74,235
   Continuing students $72,852
  • Management   Global Executive MBA for the Americas

   Year 1 students $30,450
   Year 2 students $29,000

Fees shown are flat amounts assessed to all full-time students based on enrollment status (undergraduate, graduate, professional) and program, not on enrolled units. Costs for housing, books, materials, etc. are not included.