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 Frequently Asked Questions   Transcripts, Forms, and Records

Academic vs. verification transcript

Transcript orders

Processing and delivery

Documentation for The Common Application

Third parties

Student addresses

Student record viewing

Subpoenaed records

For more information about transcripts, see Official Transcripts in the Student Services section of the online Schedule of Classes. If you still have questions or need help after reading this FAQ and the Schedule, call (310) 825-1091 option 6, or send e-mail to

What is the difference between the academic transcript and the verification transcript?

The academic transcript is your complete academic record, chronologically listing all of your courses, transfer credit, units, grades, grade-point average (GPA), academic actions, UCLA degrees awarded, and in-term progress information (if applicable).

The verification transcript is an extraction of information from your academic transcript. It does not show courses and grades, but does include

  • the terms and dates you attended UCLA
  • your enrollment status for each term you attended
  • the UCLA degrees you were awarded, including dates and degree major
  • the college/school through which you attended
  • your major(s)
  • the dates of your admission(s) and expected degree
  • your class level and career
  • the last four digits of your social security number

See Official Transcripts in the Student Services section of the online Schedule of Classes for more details.

How do I order an official UCLA transcript?

Order free official academic and verification transcripts for regular and summer sessions online through MyUCLA using a UCLA Logon ID.

Transcript orders may not be faxed or sent electronically; these are not secure transmission methods and cannot safeguard personal data. In accordance with UC policy as well as with state and federal privacy laws, your signature is required for release of your academic transcript.

What if I can’t order online because I don’t remember my UCLA Logon ID or don’t have one?

To obtain or look up a forgotten UCLA Logon ID, see the UCLA Logon ID website. You will need your UCLA student ID number. For more help with Logon IDs or missing student ID numbers, follow instructions on the site or contact the Help Desk at 310-267-HELP (4357) or

What if I need special handling, attachments, or don’t want to order online?

Official transcripts can also be ordered using a Transcript Order form. Transcripts that require an attachment or other special handling must use this form. The form includes complete instructions including the address to which it should be mailed. Check or money order, payable to Regents-UC, must accompany the form.

For information about special verifications, see the Verification of Enrollment FAQ.

Can I obtain an unofficial UCLA transcript for my own use?

Yes. An unofficial (or student copy) transcript may be obtained online through MyUCLA. The unofficial transcript can be viewed on-screen or printed as a PDF. The unofficial transcript does not carry the Registrar's seal. There is no charge for an unofficial transcript.

Can I download my transcript or have it sent electronically?

No, the University does not provide electronic transmission of transcripts.

I attend another UC. Should I order an official UCLA transcript after I attend UCLA Summer Sessions?

No. UC students from another campus who attend UCLA Summer Sessions should NOT order a transcript to be sent to their home campus. An official UCLA transcript of summer work is automatically sent to the home UC campus by the middle of October.

Are there any charges to process or deliver a transcript?

There is no charge for an official transcript ordered by students or alumni. Depending on the services you request, transcript-related processing and delivery fees may apply. See Miscellaneous Fees as published in the online Schedule of Classes.

Why does it take so long to get my transcripts when publications state that they are usually produced within three business days?

Three business days is the length of processing time within the Registrar’s Office from the date your order is submitted (online) or received (hard copy), and does not account for mailing and delivery time to or from the University. USPS mail delivery, and mail processing times at other destinations (including institutions), are variables over which UCLA has no control, so we can only advise you of our processing time.

Can I get a transcript order processed in fewer than three days?

Yes. Expedited service (processing within one business day) is available for an additional fee per addressee. Expedited service refers to the length of processing time within the Registrar’s Office from the date your order is submitted or received, and does not account for mailing and delivery time to or from the University. Special mailing services are available for additional fees. Delivery tracking is available for USPS Express Mail and FedEx services only. See Official Transcripts in the Student Services section, and Miscellaneous Fees, in the online Schedule of Classes for more details.

Can someone else order/pick up my transcript for me?

Yes; however, if you authorize another individual to either order or pick up your transcript, you must provide that individual with a Transcript Agent Authorization that includes his or her name, your signature, and a copy of your photo ID. That person also must present his or her own photo ID. If ordering, also include a completed Transcript Order.

Can I have my transcript faxed?

Yes, transcripts can be faxed for an additional charge per fax number called--see Miscellaneous Fees as published in the online Schedule of Classes. Faxed transcripts are generally not considered official and the University cannot ensure confidentiality for any faxed documents.

I am applying to transfer out of UCLA using The Common Application. What do I enter on the application for the registrar name and e-mail address?

Enter Registrar as the title, Transcript as the first name, Inquiries as the last name, and as the e-mail address.

How do I submit my UCLA documentation using The Common Application?

UCLA has opted out of submitting online documentation for The Common Application. After you submit an application, the application dashboard supplies instructions for printing a PDF Transfer Registrar Report. This report requires attachment of an official academic transcript. To order a transcript, complete and print out a UCLA Transcript Order form. Complete one form for each college or university to which you have applied using The Common Application. Take the Transfer Registrar Report and the UCLA Transcript Order form to the UCLA Office of the Dean of Students, 1206 Murphy Hall, to begin processing your UCLA transcript request.

A special handling fee is charged to your BruinBill account; see Miscellaneous Fees as published in the online Schedule of Classes.

How does a third party, such as a creditor, insurance company, or employer, verify a student's enrollment or degree (obtain proof of enrollment)?

Third parties can order enrollment and degree verifications through National Student Clearinghouse. See the Verification of Enrollment FAQ and Official Transcripts in the Registrar’s Services section of the online Schedule of Classes.

How do I verify a student's address?

Consult the campus directory. If a student has not limited or restricted its release, public information is available.

Can I see what the University has in my student record?

Yes. A five (5) business day notice is required by the Registrar's Office. To arrange an appointment, send e-mail to, come to 1113 Murphy Hall, or call (310) 825-1354. Content available in your student record may vary depending on how long ago you were first admitted to UCLA.

My records have been subpoenaed, but I don't want anyone to have them. How can I prevent the University from turning over my records to the court?

The University must comply with any and all subpoena for records or it may be found to be in contempt of court. A subpoena for records can be quashed, but the quash is a motion of the court. Consult with your attorney. If you notify us that proceedings for a quash are in progress, you must subsequently forward to us the court motion to quash. If the University does not receive official court documents of a quash, it is bound to comply with the demands of the original subpoena.

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